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Our mobile digital advertising solution offers a completely new revenue source for publishers, provides extended reach for advertisers, and delivers a tailored and secure advertising content to smartphone users.

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What is AdCharge:

Media buying platform

Our direct partnerships with local and international advertisers ensure high-quality content delivery under our complete control.

App monetization tool

AdCharge creates a new revenue channel for app owners by showing ads without interrupting users’ experience.

Mobile advertising portal

Our portal offers simple S2S integration, giving advertisers an opportunity to promote their ads, enjoying the assistance of their dedicated account managers.

Mobile SDK

AdCharge light-weight SDK can be quickly integrated into publisher’s app to enable monetization via our platform.

AdCharge uses a patented framework of delivering advertisements to mobile devices that guarantees 100% visibility and the exclusive attention of the mobile user. It uses a two-channel method delivering advertisements directly to the audience by displaying post-call and in-app ads.

How it works?

Integrate AdCharge SDK into your Android app

Enable premium in-app advertising content for your users

Additionally, your app users will receive a full-screen clickable ad after every incoming call

Platform Features:

    • In-House smart targeting mechanism
    • Data management integrated platform
    • In-app advertising
    • Post-call advertising
    • CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC pricing models

AdCharge in action!

AdCharge delivers ads to smartphone users in innovative and non-intrusive way. We don't just show ads - we add value to them. Take a look at how our patented post-call ads work!

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