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Our media platform provides maximum reach for advertisers, brings a completely new revenue source for publishers and creates value-added services for mobile subscribers.

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What is AdCharge:

Advertising platform

AdCharge directly connects media buyers to mobile subscribers helping to deliver ads to the right audience.

Monetization tool

AdCharge creates a new revenue channel by showing ads without interrupting users’ experience.

Mobile application

The standalone AdCharge app benefits end users for viewing ads with and after incoming calls on mobile.

Mobile SDK

For improved performance, AdCharge can be integrated with any cross-platform mobile app via SDK.

AdCharge uses a patented framework of delivering advertisements to mobile devices reaching the audience directly by displaying ads before and after incoming calls, that guarantees 100% visibility and exclusive attention. Subscribers receive individual ads and don’t need to spend time in mobile apps to view them!

How it works?

You join the global AdCharge network.

End-users see an ad preview with each incoming call. The preview is non-clickable and doesn't affect the call flow.

After the call mobile subscribers see a clickable full-screen banner and interact with it.

Platform Features:

    • Programmatic Advertising
    • In-House Smart Targeting Mechanism
    • Data Management Integrated Platform
    • Revenue Assurance System
    • CPI, CPA, CPM, CPC models

AdCharge in action!

AdCharge is an innovative way for publishers and advertisers to communicate in a visual media form. We don't just show ads - we add value to them. Take a look at how we do it!

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