AdCharge is an innovative mobile advertising network and digital media buying platform developed by SF Platform LLC, a part of Speedflow group of companies. that connects publishers, advertisers and digital advertising agencies globally.


Living in the fast-pacing era of the 21st century provoked us to rethink traditional advertising. We found inspiration in the modern hectic way of living, where advertising became an integral part of our daily life. Ads that often intrude privacy and steal precious time without taking into account our preferences and interests. That is when an idea was born. An idea to develop a platform that is genuinely transparent and easy to use. And, most importantly – convenient to end-users and beneficial to publishers and advertisers. That is how the concept of AdCharge came to be.

AdCharge ads don’t interrupt user experience showing them mobile ads. The innovative platform adds extra value to publishers’ services and helps them to find a completely new source of revenue to monetize their app. At the same time it guarantees advertisers that their targeted messages will reach only potential and loyal customers.

In 2017 we officially launched the AdCharge platform and made the first successful implementations.

What do we offer

The journey is ON.

AdCharge now offers a feature-rich self-serve portal for advertisers, powerful SDK and web platform for publishers.

Our patented framework makes AdCharge a unique marketing channel. It offers two-channel advertising delivering targeted and personalized ads to smartphone users after every incoming call and via a traditional in-app ad model. With our mobile advertising network every call brings more value and generates extra revenue for publishers worldwide!

Our goals

The aim of SF Platform LLC is to make a mobile advertising process transparent, convenient and non-intrusive for end-user. AdCharge advertising content is safe and precisely targeted according to the user interests.

Our team

AdCharge stands for honesty, integrity and transparency. Joining our network as a publisher, an advertiser or end user, you will know what you get into and will enjoy the benefits of it. Meet the people responsible for the daily refinement of AdCharge:

Vlad Ellis


Nata Ellis

Commercial Director

Denis Mollov

Director of Software Department

Boryana Yanakieva

Head of Account Management

Elen Kozhuharova

Business Developer

Ilya Maslov

Project Manager

Yuriy Mikhaylenko

Development Team Leader

Figen Demireva

Graphic Designer

Konstantin Vykhristenko

Market Research Analyst