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About 3,5 billion people worldwide use smartphones! And this number is growing day by day!

People spend an average of more than 3 hours daily on their smartphones!

More than two-thirds of digital ad spending goes to mobile ads. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to reach your target audience in a creative and interactive manner.

AdCharge offers advanced targeting and optimization options for advertisers to help them to receive top-value impressions on smartphone screens.  Ads are displayed when users spend time in publisher’s app and, optionally, after each incoming call.

AdCharge – Mobile advertising that brings you value!

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Mobile advertising platform with global reach

How to advertise with AdCharge?

2. Run and maintain campaigns

3. Enjoy a result

Self-serve portal

Advertisers get access to the AdCharge dedicated self-serve portal, which allows them to create, target and manage campaigns and gives them complete control over the audience and budget.

Various reports and aggregated statistics show information about the performance of each campaign and banner, including demographics and location.

Advertisers exercise full control over the content shown to their audience and can adjust the targeting options and creatives to extract the maximum results.

Mobile advertising platform with global reach


Intelligent Bidding

AdCharge offers a smart bidding algorithm ensuring maximum effectiveness and user engagement.

Guaranteed Ad Views

AdCharge has been developed to display clearly visible and clickable
ads to end users. Deliver your ad creatives to your target audience
and get their undivided attention.

Advanced Targeting

We offer demographic, location, traffic channel
and OS version targeting as well as day/time
scheduling of campaigns.

Extensive Reports

AdCharge provides full stats and graphic visualizations about audience engagement and campaign effectiveness.

Postback tracking

We support all popular postback tracking parameters, including click ID, user ID, source ID, app ID, campaign ID, etc.

Mobile advertising platform with global reach

Who can apply?

Local brands

The revolutionary ad concept of AdCharge guarantees high user involvement. By grabbing the viewer’s undivided attention, the platform becomes perfect for customized brand awareness campaigns.

Advertising agencies

With flexible pricing models and full ad visibility AdCharge offers endless opportunities to agencies and can meet the needs of any advertiser, serving various  types of advertising campaigns.

App owners

App owners can additionally boost their app installs and retention rates with AdCharge. Traditional in-app ads are combined with post-call ads, which does not interrupt the user and even rewards them in return.

Affiliate networks

AdCharge is a platform of global reach. It can meet affiliate networks needs by providing them the opportunity to target campaigns to its increasing network of real mobile subscribers.


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