In today’s marketing world, there are thousands of techniques used to get customer loyalty and increase brand awareness, including both traditional and non-traditional media. Advertising has undergone complete transformation in the last 10 years, mainly to reflect the changes in media, consumer habits behavior, culture, policies and technology.

Currently, it seems that the most common and effective mediums are no longer newspapers or radio, neither billboards nor TV. There are a lot of businesses that still invest in out-of-house advertising campaigns, but trends are telling us that this segment of the advertising industry is losing its ground. Digital brand awareness campaigns are going into new peaks. In addition, mobile advertising is expanding enormously with the levels of smartphone usage increasing every day.

As per Magna forecasts, the bulk of digital advertising growth will come from ad impressions and clicks on mobile devices (mostly smartphones). Mobile ad sales grew by 24% in 2018, to account for 68% of total digital advertising. In contrast, desktop-based ad revenues will shrink by 3%, due to declining usage and ad blocking. What’s more, according to Statista’s report on Global Advertising Spending: as digital is driving the future, internet advertising is one of few media exhibiting double-digit positive growth in investments. Just in 2018 alone, internet ad spending grew by more than 12%.

Brand awareness campaigns are affecting every stage of the purchase funnel. Creating consistent ones will bring numerous benefits for your market they can provide instant and stable brand engagement.

We are delighted to let you know that our company offers an innovative product – the advertising platform AdCharge. And with the current post we are sharing some of the advantages it has.

100% Visibility
Brand awareness activities are often the first step of driving 100% visibility for your products, services and ideas

Targeting a specific consumer segment
Digital brand awareness campaigns targeted at relevant audiences can increase conversions. If there are proper targeting options designed to reach the right audience at the right time, this will improve user engagement and boost your customers’ loyalty.

Improving the ROI
Yes, companies are reluctant to invest money on things that don’t provide measurable returns. It’s a challenge for marketers to calculate and measure brand awareness, but they can still do it by checking metrics like: direct traffic to website, blog shares, earned media, external links, social media engagement, community reach, and search volume.

Tracking & reports
It’s crucial to have easily accessible reports which show aggregated statistics like performance of each campaign, demographic or location statistics.

The list of benefits does not end here. Businesses should be aware that building awareness to their brands is an ongoing activity with cumulative positive results as campaigns go on. If you are looking to increase your brand awareness in an innovative way, take this opportunity and join the mobile advertising wave with AdCharge today!

AdCharge is a contemporary media platform and advertising network that re-imagines and re-creates mobile user engagement by delivering highly targeted and personalized advertising content.

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