There was a time when mobile phones were a luxury gadget to possess. Now, they have turned into a real necessity for people living in the 21st century. According to Statista, almost 2.4 billion people worldwide own a smartphone in 2019 and these numbers are predicted to increase in the upcoming years. On average, Themanifest shows, smartphone users use their phones for more than 4 hours per day!

While these statistics may seem quite shocking to some, for people in the advertising business they have proved to be an incredible opportunity for revenue generation. For that reason, the mobile advertising industry is becoming more and more aggressive, constantly looking for newer ways to appear on users’ smartphone screens.

Can you imagine that there is a possibility, a quite innovative one, which allows advertisers to display ads on mobile by using a method that is controllable, smooth and non-obtrusive to the end-user? It’s called the AdCharge – an intelligent mobile advertising platform that doesn’t hinder mobile subscribers from their smartphone usage at all.

What’s the secret? Ads with incoming calls! Yes, AdCharge allows you to reach and attract your target audience by showing mobile ads with incoming calls, which do not appear unexpectedly and do not interrupt whatever the end user may be doing on their phone.

As a real game changer AdCharge offers CPM, CPC and CPI models, sophisticated ad delivery mechanism, incentivized and non-incentivized traffic options and a wide range of data management features. Let’s take a closer look:

Direct HQ Traffic

We have agreements with mobile operators and application owners delivering ads directly to their subscribers. No third parties involved or intermediaries. All companies and partners in our global network are verified, active and with a subscriber base of real people.


AdCharge minimizes to absolute 0 the chance of any fraud and generated traffic. The platform spreads ads within its own reliable audience. Advertisers get full control over their campaign and are able to manage every process thanks to our smart self-serve mobile advertising platform.

Precise targeting

Geographic, OS and demographic targeting are available for the better performance of advertising campaigns. This increases the success of the campaign and helps you to meet your business KPI’s.

User Behavior Analysis

The system analyzes user interests and interactions with previous banners to show them the most relevant ads. The more in line the campaigns are with the target audience preferences, the bigger their success will be.

Rethink your mobile advertising experience and take advantage of the amazing opportunities AdCharge has to offer. Try a completely new mobile advertising approach that has never been used before. Contact our team at and let’s be on the wining side of the never ending advertising journey.