In an age of technology, advertising is everywhere. It has become an integral part of the mobile world, and it’s important to create user experiences that are smooth, pleasant and controllable, yet beneficial.

This is why we developed AdCharge—a media platform that delivers ads outside the app with any mobile call and at the same time doesn’t hinder user experience. It’s a unique combination of 100% visibility and non-interrupted smartphone usage.

For publishers with a developed marketplace that offer a wide range of mobile applications and services, AdCharge provides a unique opportunity to retarget users.

It is now possible for publishers to simultaneously retarget their mobile app users and promote their services thanks to the platform. This is cheaper than new customer acquisition, plus publishers can capitalize from it with a wide variety of retargeting campaigns such as:

1 – Cross-sell
2 – Upsell
3 – Awareness

AdCharge can engage existing application users with additional in-app features, boost uptake of provided services, enhance app utilization and sell current features to a bigger audience. As a result, publishers can enjoy a higher marketing ROI.

Moreover, AdCharge is a perfect fit for awareness campaigns as it guarantees high user involvement. It gets their complete attention in the smoothest, most non-intrusive way possible.

Re-engaging users with AdCharge retargeting options does not only increase conversions but also boosts user retention. So, why wait? Save money on new customer acquisition and promote your range of services to your current app users.

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