The development of smartphones and high-speed mobile Internet has become a game-changer for the telecommunications industry. People are using mobile devices not only to make calls. But they are spending more and more time on mobile apps and other non-core smartphone features. Nevertheless, phone calls are still the most consistent use for mobile phones with the level of usage remaining steady over time, providing an effective opportunity for sustained monetization.

At the same time, network operators are facing strong competition with low switching barriers for end-users. In order to have a higher retention rate, they need to provide something unique, which gives additional value to their service.

By offering a modern MVAS network, operators can become unique and increase customer loyalty. This will help them skyrocket their market presence.

And we have a solution! Mobile advertising is in the midst of experiencing a colossal expansion, with levels of smartphone usage increasing every day. AdCharge is an innovative platform that creates a unique out-of-app ad format, which is smooth, seamless and enhancing to user experience. We offer an innovative advertising concept, that doesn’t interrupt mobile subscribers from their smartphone usage and, at the same time, rewards them.

In addition, users who wish to take advantage of the new MVAS will receive bonus points to get various benefits like bundles and packages. With the help of our unique value-added service, subscribers can cut their monthly bills. And that leads to increased customer happiness for mobile operators! In addition, there are also benefits like reducing customer churn, and ROI is easy to be calculated.

How to become AdCharge publisher?

The implementation process is easy and fast. If MVNOs or MNOs have their own mobile apps, integration of the AdCharge SDK is the most cost-effective and time-saving approach to adopt for the service deployment. Subscribers will not have to install a separate app to join AdCharge, which makes the workflow smooth for achieving great business results. This implementation scheme provides the best performance and is preferred by the current AdCharge publishers.

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