We are delighted to announce a brand new release of AdCharge: Ver. 1.14. The update introduces improvements to the user interface, notification system and billing module for advertisers. The changes apply to both the web and mobile AdCharge apps.

To remove bottlenecks in the user experience for advertisers, publishers, and subscribers, our development team identified and fixed minor bugs in the framework. New features were also added, including a new presentation of operator and advertiser’s profile pages, an export option for operators’ performance report, and an updated and improved billing section for advertisers.

We also improved the session logic for the AdCharge API and extended email messages to encourage more effective inter-platform communication.

Background notifications were also improved. The application name is now displayed and on-click users are forwarded directly to its landing page.

AdCharge media platform provides maximum reach for advertisers. It brings a brand new revenue source for publishers and creates value-added services for mobile subscribers.

Take advantage of the new and improved release of our innovative advertising solution and say goodbye to the less effective traditional advertising methods! Join the AdCharge revolution today!

Contact us at info@adcharge.eu or, alternatively, create a test account and get acquainted with the platform at https://adm.adcharge.eu/.