We are pleased to announce the release of the newest version of AdCharge. The update provides a significant boost to the flexibility, ease of use and functionality of both our web and mobile AdCharge applications.

Our team identified and eliminated bottlenecks that interrupt the flow of user experience for advertisers, publishers, and subscribers. In addition, we added new features, including new and improved reports for better campaign tracking and visual improvements to tables to make AdCharge more user-friendly. The CPI and CPA sessions’ logic flow was also improved, while bonus point statistics were integrated into SDK+.

With AdCharge, advertisers and publishers can reach 99.9% of smartphones users around the world and can set their preferences according to location.


Try AdCharge now and experience the results!

For a detailed list about the new implementations, write to info@adcharge.eu or, alternatively, register for free and test the platform at https://adm.adcharge.eu/