We are pleased to announce that a new release of AdCharge is available: version 1.17. The latest update introduces several new features and improvements aimed at increasing efficiency and user experience for both advertisers and publishers.

The biggest change of the latest release is the new in-app ads functionality. It allows publishers to show ads to users when they are using their mobile application. They can combine this option with the post-call ad delivery system to reveal an additional revenue stream. The trigger settings for in-app ads can be freely configured in a way that ensures optimal results and does not interrupt user experience. The new addition builds upon AdCharge’s existing strengths, transforming it into an all-in-one monetization tool.

Our team also improved UI across all levels and added a new campaign prioritization algorithm. The function utilizes a more sensitive approach that allows ads to be delivered to the right audience more effectively and with higher conversion rates.

To provide more freedom and control for advertisers, a new feature will now allow them to set their frequency capping for CPI and CPA campaigns, resulting in optimized ad distribution.

And last but not least, for better convenience and faster analysis, we significantly expanded on the platform’s messaging and notification systems and made visible IDs for banners and campaigns.

The latest changes reflect our commitment to make AdCharge the best monetization tool on the market. The platform has already been launched in Bangladesh and India, and we continue to work hard to make AdCharge available in other countries around the world.

Take advantage of the new and improved AdCharge and enjoy better results as an advertiser or app owner.

For any questions about the new release, please write to us at info@adcharge.eu