First integration of AdCharge

Soon after the official launch of AdCharge Mobile platform, its first integration has become a reality. AdCharge is happy to announce the beginning of a prospective partnership with Bluee calling app, that offers quality international calls at lower rates. They have considered integrating their application with AdCharge, because they were looking for new opportunities to increase their profit, while at the same time enhance the loyalty of their own users. This is when AdCharge caught their attention.

About AdCharge Platform

AdCharge is a revolutionary media platform for mobile advertising. It offers mobile operators, telecom service providers, and MVNOs a chance to get a revenue share from the ads displayed on their users’ smartphones, thus increasing floating assets. It offers them the opportunity to enter the ads market, without compromising the interests of their subscribers. On the contrary, the innovative platform allows telecom users to get different bonuses to their mobile accounts simply by clicking on the ads displayed on their phone screens. Therefore, with AdCharge mobile operators bring revenue from outside to the telecom industry, providing end users with even more services and boosting brand value.

Implementation process with AdCharge

Lastly, you may wonder “What does the implementation process with AdCharge look like?
It is both quick and cost-effective.  The integration into an operator’s network or a calling app is done smoothly through an API. The user simply needs to launch the app and begin making calls.  The operator will then start receiving revenue shares from each viewed or clicked-on ad. And subscribers – bonuses to their accounts!

Bluee already began revolutionizing the telecom business. Why don’t you too?


If you need to learn more or would like to explore the benefits of this innovative media platform, contact us here  and get a quote.