AdCharge, an innovative media platform, and mobile advertising network is looking for agents and regional representatives to offer AdCharge as PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) to local MVNOs and MNOs.

About AdCharge

We provide a cutting-edge VAS for network operators that increase subscriber loyalty and ARPU. The patented technology shows ads on mobile subscribers’ screen with each incoming call creating a new revenue stream with almost no investment from the mobile operator’s side.


You are the right one for this position if you:

  • Have reliable telecom connections
  • Love challenging projects
  • Want to earn extra money


Don’t miss this opportunity!

We offer you to join a completely new project that revolutionizes the mobile industry. It helps MVNO/MNO to enter a mobile advertising market and monetize interests of their subscribers, giving them bonuses for viewing ads. As a result, the operator gets a completely new source of revenue and increases customer loyalty at the same time.


Contact us at to get more information and join AdCharge Team right now!