AdCharge – The new cutting-edge marketing tool

Mobile advertising and mobile marketing are becoming more and more important nowadays. Being innovative and finding effective communicative channels to reach prospects is a number one problem occupying the mind of any sized business, be it local or international.

AdCharge is an innovative advertising platform that offers just that and more. It allows advertisers to create, target, manage and analyze their mobile ads quickly, easily and successfully. Your in-app ads visibility is 100% guaranteed with AdCharge in these 4 simple steps:

  1. Create clickable ads the way you want. Let creativity fill in the white screen place and present your brand on mobile with spirit and energy.
  2. Target your audience by age, gender, interests, location, time and more. Your campaign will reach only those genuinely interested in your products and services, therefore ensuring high CTR and conversion rates.
  3. Manage your campaign budget and regulate easily its CPC and CPV rates, daily budget, number of views per user, etc.
  4. Analyze the results of your campaign. Get qualitative and quantitative data that will give you major insight into your target audience engagements and the effectiveness of the campaign.

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