The telecom market is constantly changing and expanding. It is important for MVNOs/MNOs to find successful tactics in creating long-term sustainable partnerships with their subscribers. Quite often those marketing strategies are rather aggressive and unfortunately work only short-term.

Is there a solution?

For any telecom business to remain competitive and survive in the dynamic environment it is important to constantly work on building customer loyalty. One of the most effective ways to do so is to introduce to your subscribers a reward and loyalty program. Research shows that such programs can lead to at least 10 percent in market growth with 75% chance of generating a positive return on investment. Did you know that 63% of customers are ready to increase their product/service purchases in order to gain more rewards (Bond Brand Loyalty Research)?

AdCharge is a unique platform of the new digital advertising era which provides your subscribers with one of the best loyalty and rewards programs. Build stronger relationships with your customers, boost their loyalty, increase retention rates and outrun your competitors.


How does it work?

AdCharge gives bonuses and rewards to subscribers for ad views, clicks and installs with every incoming call/outgoing call. Those bonuses accumulate and can be spent on making even more calls through your operator network. But the best part is that not only subscribers accumulate rewards and feel extra happy about the way they experience your brand. The Network operator gets a revenue share from every ad subscribers have viewed, clicked or installed!


Join the AdCharge network now! Send us a message at and choose a better future for your company and customers!